cmiyk9_logoThe following are the prices for bringing your puppy to either the Lafayette or Randolph locations.

(Mobile Prices Available)

(All prices are subject to change according to condition of coat and type of hairstyle.)



Most Popular Breeds

Poodles (Toys & Minis) $45-$65

Standard Poodles, Goldenoodles, Labadoodles, Standard Schnauzer $65-$85

Bichon Frise $50-$65

Cocker Spaniel $55-$75

Collie $75-$125

Golden Retriever $65-$85

Lhasa Apso $40-$65

Mini Schnauzer $50-$65

Maltese $40-$65

Pomeranian $40-$65

Shih-tzu $40-$65

Soft Coat Wheaten Terrier $65-$85

Springer Spaniel $55-$75

West Highland Terrier $45-$65

Yorkshire Terrier $40-$55

Other Breeds and Mixed Breed (smooth and short hair coats only)

Small (under 25lbs) $40-$55

Medium (26-50 lbs) $55-$65

Large (51-85 lbs) $65-$125

Cat Grooming Available

(I will only groom extremely well behaved cats)

Long hair $65-$95

Lion Cut $85-$125

Short Hair $55-$95

*I will give you an estimated price when I evaluate your pups coat & condition.*